Aerial Photography of Wind Power, Wind Turbines and Wind Farming

Aerial photograph Shilo Wind Farm

Aerial photograph of the Shiloh Wind Power Plant in northern California. Over 150 large wind turbines with towers up to 262 feet tall are part of this large wind farm which supplies energy to Pacific Gas and Electric, the Modesto Irrigation District and the City of Palo Alto. The wind farm was built in two stages, the first phase consisted of 100 General Electric 1.5 MW wind turbines. The second phase added another 75 2MW wind turbines. The 6800 acres of land on which the wind turbines are located is leased from land owners who continue to use it for grazing and growing hay.
Shiloh Wind Power Plant
Montezuma Hills, Solano County, California
Image ID: AHLB7459
© Herb Lingl/

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