Aerial Archives and the current Sonoma County Crop Report

aerial photo Sonoma Valley vineyards Maycamas Mountains

This aerial photograph of the vineyards in the Sonoma Valley and on the slopes of the Mayacamas Mountains in the fall was featured on the cover of this year's Sonoma County crop report. The report outlines the current state of Sonoma County agriculture. The report indicates that 2013 rainfall was the lowest recorded in Sonoma County history in the last 120 years. Heavy rains in Nov and Dec of 2012 mitigated the impact of the dry 2013 conditions somewhat and the total dollar value of Sonoma County's agricultural output increased by 4%. The report confirmed that 2013 provided an excellent growing season for winegrapes, resulting in high quality and quantity. More than 270,000 tons of winegrapes valued at over $600 million were processed, which represents the largest winegrape harvest in Sonoma County history.
Image ID: AHLB4263
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